Preserve Your Dental Health with Dental Filling and Restoration in Woodstock

Woodstock Square Dental believes that a beautiful smile is worth protecting. Sometimes, certain oral problems can limit the movement and functioning of your teeth. In order to treat cavities, repair broken or lost teeth, a combination of restorative dental procedures may be required.


If you require professional dental filling and restoration services in Woodstock, we specialize in tooth-coloured dental fillings that not only restore teeth but also blend beautifully with your smile. Our dentists can place composite resin fillings to prevent further decay and help you preserve your oral health. What’s more, we work with children as well at our caring,  family-friendly dental office.

Restorative Dental Services


If you have lost teeth in an accident, through excessive wear or as a result of old fillings breaking, crowns are a practical, long-term solution. A crown is like a cover for a dental implant. It is a kind of dental cement that is used to bond the implant with your tooth. Crowns become important when a large cavity is found and it is threatening the tooth. Our team can install crowns that are custom-made for you.

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patient with mirror gap after tooth extraction


Dental bridges are custom devices that are anchored to the neighbouring teeth in order to replace one or more missing teeth. They can be made from a variety of materials and are cost-effective. We can get dental bridges made for you that fit you perfectly and feel just like your real teeth.


Bruxism refers to a condition in which you grind your teeth a lot. This can lead to jaw pain and teeth problems. You may sometimes unconsciously grind your teeth while sleeping. Watch out for bruxism symptoms, such as loose teeth. If you see yourself facing this issue, consult our team of dentists. We provide effective bruxism treatment and may even suggest a night guard for teeth grinding.

Female dentist puts on a guy patient a mouth guard in dental office.
Male dentist showing his female patient a dental implant


Implants form an important part of many restorative procedures in dental care. Dental implants are used to hold the dental prosthesis in place and can be called orthodontic anchors. We can provide you painless implants so that you can resolve your dental problems.


A filling is used if your tooth is affected by cracks, fractures, decay or other issues. To repair such a tooth, our dentist will first remove and clean out the decayed area. Once that’s done, they will fill the area with a tooth-coloured filling.

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The doctor shows a cast of the patient's jaw.


Inlays are used to restore teeth that are severely decayed or damaged. We use advanced tools and practices that are prevalent in the field to carry out trusted dental inlays. Our team of dental care experts can help you get such inlays done that virtually look and feel like invisible dental restoration.


Onlays offer patients a sturdier, well-fitted and longer-lasting repair for tooth decay or other structural damage. They are installed on the biting surface of your teeth to repair or restore the damage caused due to an injury or decay. Traditionally, the material used for onlays can be gold, composite, porcelain and resin.

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Restore Your Teeth!

Using dental filling and restoration, we aim to make your teeth look as natural and new as possible.