Professional Dental Cleaning in Woodstock

Woodstock Square Dental is a family-friendly clinic that offers quality teeth cleaning services for children and adults. Our team of caring professionals will help take you through a stress-free dental cleaning appointment. We aim to create a warm and welcoming environment so that you can build a long-term relationship with us and get the dental care you deserve. 


We advise you to regularly visit a dentist to diagnose and resolve any existing issue, without further damaging your teeth.

General Dentistry

Oral examination

These are done to evaluate your current oral health and hygiene. Such examinations allow our doctors and hygienists to better understand your requirements. We can help you get a complete oral checkup done and can schedule regular checks for you if needed. Once we get the exam results, we can assist you with any problems and dental treatments that may be needed.

Happy boy looking at his teeth in a mirror while being with his father at dentist's office.
Happy Black woman talking to her dentist during appointment at dental clinic.

Oral cancer examination

The dentists will look for red and white patches or core inside your mouth and test if it is cancerous. This is done to find out about cancer in the early stages so that there are higher chances of getting it treated in time.

Periodontal examination

These tests are essential to examine the soft tissues. It can help you identify any periodontal condition and will allow you to get the timely treatment done so that it doesn’t advance into a serious problem.

portrait of young smiling blond good-looking woman on dental examination
kid as patient and his father at dental clinic

Tooth examination

Your teeth are adequately examined to find diseases or decay. We then recommend dentistry services to ensure that your teeth always remain in good shape and you can minimize the risk of dental diseases.

Biting, chewing and grinding check

A lot of people bite the inside of their mouth or grind their teeth unconsciously. Our dentists will identify the problem areas and provide you with the necessary medication or therapy to better help you.

Mother and son visiting dentist office
Dental cleaning

Dental cleaning

While you should regularly brush your teeth to clean them properly, it is also advised to get regular dental cleaning done by a professional. Getting dental cleaning done is essential because there are many areas where you cannot reach yourself, and those areas become home to cavities or other problems eventually.


At our dental clinic, we provide convenient dental x-rays so that your dentist can better understand your dental issue. These x-rays are done with low power radiations and do not cause harm to you.

Dentist and patient consultation with x-ray image
Young boy looking at the mirror with toothy smile sitting on the chair with dentist and assistant at the dental office

Pediatric dentistry

Children are often scared to visit dentists. But at our dental practice, a family-friendly atmosphere is guaranteed! We can work with kids to ensure their dental care experience is less painful.

Complete Oral Checkup

Come over to our dental clinic in Woodstock for a thorough assessment of your oral health.